Sheepskin Rugs


Luxury sheepskins in natural and rare breeds. Large Sheepskins being a natural product size may vary slightly.

Care Instructions

Dry cleaning- these rugs are suitable for professional dry-cleaning.

General Care- 3 Simple Steps

  1. Beat and Shake – Take your rug outdoors and give it a very good shake to remove dust and dirt particle. If required ‘beat’ the rug with a broom handle or similar implement.
  2. Brush- Brush your rug with a strong ‘slicker’ brush- you can buy these in pet shops sold as ‘dog brushes’. This will remove dust and also make your rug fluffy again if it has gone a bit flat. It is normal for some wool to come off on the brush.
  3. Vacuum- Once shaken and brushed, run a vacuum cleaner over the rug to pick up all other dust and dirt particles.

We usually find that these 3 steps are sufficient to keep your rug clean for many years without the need for other washing or laundering.

Additional information


Natural, Rare Breeds


being a natural product, size may vary

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